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Reflex Whey Refresh Ready to Drink (RTD)

Reflex Whey Refresh Ready to Drink (RTD)

Reflex Whey Refresh is the easiest, most convenient and possibly tastiest way of consuming 30g of whey isolate. Combining the protein with pure filtered water and using only natural and nature identical flavouring and colouring means that this product delivers a very clean source of protein with virtually zero carbohydrate and fat.

This combination of protein and water makes it ideal when you want to take on board protein and hydrate at the same time. This makes it ideal at any time of the day, before, during or after your workout or exercise. With a sports cap top and modern sports packaging, Reflex Nutrition’s Whey Refresh really is a ‘take anywhere’ kind of protein source.

Whey Refresh is also unbeaten in terms of it’s light refreshing flavours: orange burst, tropical fruit punch and rhubarb.

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