About Us

Hi and a huge welcome to our online store. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. 

Foundry Gym Supplements Limited is a gym supplement company that we created to complement our highly successful Foundry Gym franchise. Our aim is to help empower our customers to be the best that they can be by assisting them in reaching their muscle growth, weight loss and performance training goals. We have carefully put together a series of high quality products from leading brands that we are extremely passionate about. We really hope you enjoy them too!

Our company is the next stage for our ever growing Foundry Gym brand. We currently operate a series of highly successful gyms that offer a fantastic range of fitness equipment. We pride ourselves on the inclusive and warm atmospheres within our gyms. We aim to create a real community feel where our customers can reach their training goals and their fantastic support has allowed our brand to grow at a rapid pace.

The first Foundry gym opened in Walsall in 2013 when we embarked upon our dream of owning our own gym. We took over an existing gym that had fallen upon hard times. We invested in top quality Hammerstrength equipment – designed for elite athletes – and were fortunate enough to build a strong partnership with the brand. We then worked tirelessly to build a sense of community and establish a loyal membership that allowed the gym to flourish. Over the 3 years that followed, the gym became such a success that we decided to expand and offer our model as a franchise opportunity for other budding entrepreneurs. Low and behold the first Foundry franchise opened in Wolverhampton in 2017 but of course we didn’t stop there! We continued to expand and now, a further 8 successful Foundry Gym franchises operate across the Midlands and beyond with 8 more gyms in the pipeline.

With our gyms continuing to prosper, we are now offering a high quality range of gym supplements. We have put a great deal of time and effort selecting these products to match our philosophy of helping people to succeed in reaching their training and weight loss goals. This is very much the next stage in the Foundry journey and we couldn’t be more excited. We really hope you will join us along the way!

If you would like to know more about our gym or Foundry gyms as a whole please visit the Our Gyms section of our web page. Please also do not hesitate to contact us any time using our Contact Us page with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help.


Foundry Team